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Leisure equipments

Barques de pêche et canoë de L'Ecole Buissonnière 

    We can provide you bicycles to improve your stay at L'Ecole Buissonniere.

     All are equipped with 21 speeds and with carriers, they are the perfect solution for a day jaunt carrying your picnic basket. A little less heavy than mountain bikes, they allow you, without too much effort, to go for a bicycle tour on the many small roads of the Creuse valley and occasionally to ride on tracks and dirt roads.

    We do not advise them for sporty people who enjoy "going everywhere" because they are not meant for this type of use.
    On the other hand, even on roads, remember that the topography of the valley is sufficiently steep that we recommend them only to those who are, if not necessarily trained, at least in good physical condition. What a pleasure to discover the range of panoramas you can see along the route of the Creuse, which is sometimes a river and sometimes a lake.

    Remember: the bicycles are free of charge.




Jumelles d'observation et accessoires de randonnées de L'Ecole Buissonnière 

Vélos tous chemins de L'Ecole Buissonnière en Creuse 


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