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Fresselines - Creuse's river Valley

Au bord de la Petite Creuse à Fresselines 

    If we follow the natural course of the Creuse river downstream from La Celle Dunoise, we arrive 15 km further on at Fresselines, a small village a little better known among the multitude of the villages of the Creuse. Why?
    First, because it is here that the two main rivers of the departement, "La Grande et la Petite Creuse" join together.
    Also, because the confluence they form is a "magical" site which has always attracted and charmed visitors and walkers.

    As we have already written, and the 2 Creuse's confluence is another living example, it cannot be said that there is something spectacular or imposing to see, and yet the atmosphere of the place, the natural scene made up of the contrast of the peaceful water of the Grande Creuse and the springwater of the Petite Creuse, the rocks covered with heather, the light playing through the alders, the silence, all gives one the desire to sit down and to dawdle. As though you could merge into an original, immutable and timeless background.
    A background of  the world's beginning to dig back into your roots.

    The landscape painters probably felt something similar, when they came trying to catch the heart of this area. And it is certainly not by chance that Claude Monet himself, persevered to defy the bad weather to paint, at the confluence, in spite of the seasons and the weather, his first series (pictures created at the same place at various times of the day).

    Within the geographical territory of the "peintres de l'école de Crozant " (which is the name given to the post-impressionist painters who testified "sur le motif" (which means outdoors) to the landscapes of the Creuse valley from the gorges of Anzème to Argenton sur Creuse), we can consider that Fresselines, at its centre, legitimately constitutes the "capital".

    It is in this charming village, without pretension that you will find, on fine days, the greatest number of workshops and picture galleries to be visited. There is also a municipal art center which regularly displays - in addition to reproductions of the most beautiful works of the Maestri impressionists such as Claude Monet, Leon Detroy or Armand Guillaumin - creations of many contemporary artists who continue to find in the landscapes of the Creuse valley, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

    It should be noted that Fresselines is not only a village of painters, but more generally a village of artists. In fact, at the end of XIXth century, the writer and the poet George Sand and Maurice Rollinat discovered it.

    Amateurs of pedestrian excursions (splendid tours at the confluence) and landscapes and lovers of painting will derive much pleasure from visiting Fresselines.

Sites naturels pittoresques à Fresselines 

Expositions de peinture à Fresselines - l'école de Crozant 

Le hameau de Puyguillon à Fresselines - Petite Creuse 

Sous le pont Charraud et le moulin de Vervy à Fresselines 

Randonnées au confluent des 2 Creuse à Fresselines 

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