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Traditional cooking at the french tables d'hôtes

 Vegetable of the Ecole Buissonnière

    We’re not shy to admit that we’re not culinary « professionals », trained in a famous hotelier school for example. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t take cooking seriously, on the contrary, but at the outset we didn’t intend to create and prepare meals for our guests.
    In fact, the reason we do so today is because….they asked us to!

    Of course we would not have launched into this experience without a taste for the “good things” of the table and without a desire to share some personal recipes.
    After all, since we ourselves like to cook and eat well and we believe that meal times are a special moment to tie and maintain relationships, why deprive ourselves of this service without which our welcome would seem incomplete?

    Since we both grew up in the countryside, we are impregnated by this traditional cooking which gave pleasure to our grandmothers: fresh produce from the garden and the farm, and ….time!
    In fact we are gardeners before being cooks. And we take legitimate pleasure in these times of “bad eating” to grow directly in our vegetable garden, aromatic herbs and small fruits which we use in our preparations. Without counting the fact that we are lucky enough to live in a region which does not suffer from pollution, and is full of resources bestowed on us by nature.

    So, if you like a dandelion or wild cress salad, nettle soup , blackberry jam or cepes omelette, and if you like to discover the taste of fresh coriander, lovage, and burnet or to rediscover mange-tout peas, parsnips, kohlrabi and pumpkin, if you are curious and an amateur of simple and authentic cuisine, we would be delighted to cook for you.
    We don’t produce everything of course, but we try to entertain close relations with local breeders and producers: poultry and farm meat, milk products and regional cheeses as well as Creuse specialities.

Des recettes traditionnelles à la table d'hôtes de L'Ecole Buissonnière 

 The Kitchen

The dining room 





    We have mentioned the notion of time being essential to our cooking. Many of our guests have witnessed to the pleasure they have of getting together around our table and discovering the “tastes of their childhood”, the little dishes which are simmered slowly but which have unfortunately disappeared from today’s menus because nowadays everything must always “be faster”! We ourselves have returned to this tradition of recipes prepared and simmered for several hours, not only because they are tasty, but also because they allow us to be more available to welcome you at dinner time. There is no question of rushing into the kitchen at the last moment to grab your daily “fast food”!

    Finally, the last aspect of our style of cooking: diversity.

    There is no menu in a “Table d’Hôtes” formula and as such you will not have a choice between several dishes like in a restaurant. But unlike a restaurant we will share the meal with you, sometimes several and occasionally all the meals of your stay. So, no question for us (or for you!) of eating the same thing all the time! On the contrary, we will ensure that every day we offer varied, balanced and copious meals. Also note that we can adapt to any particular needs, as long as we are informed in advance. For example, we have no problem with cooking vegetarian meals (on the contrary we like to cook balanced and full meals with fresh and dry vegetables, cereals , milk products and garden herbs). Similarly, if you have to follow a special diet or suffer from an allergy, let us know (before sitting down at the table!).

    In summary, you’ve guessed it, we will cook for you as we would for ourselves!

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