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Le Pays des 3 Lacs - Creuse's river Valley

Lac de Crozant dans la Creuse 

    "The 3 Lakes'country" (Pays des 3 Lacs) is the name given by a union of 5 communes in the Creuse valley to the tourist area made up by them : Anzème, Le Bourg d'Hem, Champsanglard, La Celle Dunoise, and Jouillat.
    This entity was born in 1982, date on which the first dam was built (located at "l'Age", a small hamlet very close to L'Ecole Buissonniere), followed by two other similar constructions, upstream.

    These three dams which are used by Eguzon's power electric station in  the Indre, rise in tiers over twenty kilometers along the Creuse valley , from Guéret-West to La Celle Dunoise. This sector is characterized by the presence of picturesque gorges, where a geological fault breaks with the undulating softness of the surrounding "bocage".

    Formerly not very accessible - except by impassioned trout fishermen , canyoning or climbing experts - these places today offer a beautiful landscape in which to pursue leisure activities.

    Indeed, the creation by the inter-communal union of welcome areas in villages as well as access to the lakes, now allow visitors and holidaymakers to find all they need for leisure and relaxation :

    - intimate beaches bordered by timbered banks,
    - pontoons with boats to hire for fishermen, pedal boats for families,
    - picnic tables in woods, refreshment bars and snacks,
    - tennis courts, bases for canoe-kayak and mountain bikes,
    - hiking paths.

    If by chance, these managed places - even "on a human scale" - are not wild enough for you, the nature all around is waiting for you with the diversity of its natural sceneries : "bocage", woods of leafy trees, moors with heathers and wetlands, each one of them sheltering varied fauna. Here, the terrestrial vole, there, the martin, over there the otter, and in the sky, this mythical bird, the peregrine falcon.

    Unless your passion is for history and rural inheritance? In that case, the 3 Lakes' country will speak to you of toponymy, landscape reading, ancient ways, romanesque limousine churches , mills, stone crosses , wells and old washhouses.


Chevaux du Pays des 3 Lacs dans la Creuse 

Le Pays des 3 Lacs sur la Vallée de la Creuse 

Cascade du Pays des 3 Lacs dans la Creuse 

Les Gorges de la Creuse à Anzème 

La Vallée de la Grande Creuse 

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