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Introduction to La Celle Dunoise (Creuse-Limousin)

La Vallée de la Creuse à La Celle Dunoise 

    La Celle Dunoise is a small commune of approximately 600 inhabitants, located in the heart of the Grande Creuse valley before the principal river of the "departement" joins its "little sister", la Petite Creuse in Fresselines, to continue their courses together towards nearby "Berry".

    We are in the North-West of the "departement", at about 20 kilometers from Guéret, the prefecture, on the border with "Indre", the geographical division between the Oc and Oil languages.

    In terms of tourism, La Celle Dunoise belongs to the "3 Lakes' country ", a picturesque sector of this valley which has become particularly attractive since the creation and management of 3 artificial reserves in splendid sites (wild with very steep gorges).

    Among the riverside villages, La Celle Dunoise is characterized by its privileged situation with houses which rise in tiers on both sides of the Creuse.

    Whilst all the surrounding boroughs are perched - testifying to their old defensive vocation - La Celle Dunoise has always been a place of exchange and passage thanks, in particular, to its XIVth century bridge built where the river becomes quieter after having dug deep into the granite upstream.

    Besides, it seems to want to dawdle there by drawing a broad meander which adds a feeling of quietude to the natural charm of the place.

    Generally, there is nothing spectacular to be seen in the Creuse. On the other hand, the curious visitor who takes time to observe, will often have the pleasure of discovering secret and relaxing scenes .
    La Celle Dunoise illustrates this impression perfectly, if you go to sit down on the dry stone wall, at the top of the village. The view over the river with the dam of the old mill, the bell-tower of the XIIth century church, the bridge, the meadows with the brown cows or the horses, the swimming area where families join each other for a picnic and children's play, the large poplars lining the camp-site on the edge of the river and the fishermen who tease the pin at the confluence of the brook of "Isle", all seem joined together in a pastoral scene, causing us to remark:
    " All is there, each thing is in its proper place and all is well !"

La Celle Dunoise sur la Vallée de la Grande Creuse 

La Celle Dunoise en Creuse 

La Celle Dunoise au Pays des 3 Lacs 

Ecluse du moulin à La Celle Dunoise 

La Celle Dunoise sous la neige 

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