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Eguzon - Creuse's river Valley

Le barrage d'Eguzon dans l'indre 

    From Eguzon
    , we go into Indre, and the Creuse river the course of which we have been following for some time, which has charmed us with its striking and intimate spots, suddenly changes upon entering the Berry into an impressive and gigantic reservoir : the Eguzon's dam, forming the Chambon lake.
    Of course, Eguzon is not limited to this site, but it  has changed the area so radically that it often overshadows the other sources of income of this area
    Together we will look at :

    > Eguzon's dam
    Chambon's lake and its tourism
    Eguzon-Chantôme and its surroundings

    Eguzon's dam

    The site was brought into service in 1926 after building works lasting 4 years. At that time it was the largest dam in Europe. It still remains today, for amateurs of civil engineering or simply for curious tourists , an interesting place to visit, attracting more than 2000 visitors, every year.

    We should point out that the 3 reservoirs of the 3 Lakes' country, the dam of "La Roche-Bat-L'Aigue" and "La Roche aux Moines", are all attached to the Eguzon power station.
    This shows how important this site is.
    So, some data to satisfy our friends who are fluid physics scientists or budding electricians:
    - " weight-curvilinear " dam type with average falls functioning in lockwater and comprising 6 evacuation valves with a flow capacity of 1377 m3/second
    - height: 61.11 meters, length in crest : 300 meters
    - base width: 54 meters, thickness in crest : 5 meters
    - volume of masonry: 220 000 m3
    - waterfall height : 58.27 meters
    - production groups: 6 with a power of 12 MW each
    - annual production: 101 million kWh corresponding to the yearly consumption of an agglomeration of 20 000 inhabitants.
    Information for the visits:
    Eguzon power station, Tel.: 02 54 47 41 00

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Sports nautiques sur le lac Chambon 

Le lac Chambon et le barrage d'Eguzon 

Ski nautique sur le lac Chambon - Barrage d'Eguzon 

Loisirs nautiques sur le lac d'Eguzon 

Baignade et loisirs nautiques à Eguzon dans l'Indre 

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    Chambon's lake and its tourism

    Usually, big dams do not form small lakes!
    That's true for the lake of Chambon: 312 hectares (compare with the Age lake , 38 ha, that you visited very near to L'Ecole Buissonniere) which is 16 kilometers in length.
    Imagine all the beaches we can create here!
    Yes indeed, the lake of Chambon offers a real opportunity for holiday-makers to carry out water activities, possibilities that they will not find in our immediate area. It is a question, not only of size, but also of topographic conditions: it was difficult to create and arrange leisure sites at the 3 Lakes because of the deep gorges of the valley, the more moderated relief of Indre - which does not belong to the Massif Central, facilitated the establishment of a broader tourist area .

    > beaches : Chambon(left bank), Bonnu and Fougères (right bank) all three on the banks of the lake, Ceaulmont and Montcocu, downstream on the river.

    > activities :
    * fishing: pikes, zanders and roaches, special posts for carp-fishing at night
    * sailing, windsurfing, water skiing (schools), motorboating
    * canoe-kayak, oar, sailing dinghy (schools)
    * leisure sites"Le Pont des Piles": climbing, diving, cyclo-cross, miniature golf
    * water toboggan
    * boats to hire
    * motorboat excursions
    * pedestrian and equestrian excursions around the lake
    * archery, tennis, mountain bike
    Information : Eguzon tourist office , Tel.: 02 54 47 43 69

    You have worked it out, you will not find at the Chambon lake the same quietness you enjoyed in La Celle Dunoise, but why deprive yourself of one or two days to become familiar with the oar, the sail or the water ski?
    After all, it is only 1 hour by car from l'Ecole Buissonniere, and in the evening, after coming back, you could rest from the crowd and the motor boat engine noise !

    Eguzon-Chantôme and its surroundings

    You are not obliged to limit your discovery of Eguzon to a sieste on Chambon's beach (but why not ?...!) Here are, in case they should be useful, some alternatives:

    - villages to be visited: Cuzion, Ceaulmont, Orsennes, Gargilesse (see page about this village)
    - monuments: Cuzion's church (Tomb of François de Montmorency), churches of Chantôme, Ceaulmont, Gargilesse, castles of Châteaubrun, La Prune-au-Pot, Gargilesse, Eguzon, Clavière, Bonnu.
    - visits and sites: museum "Arts and Popular Traditions of the Creuse valley", "Le Pont Noir", "La Boucle du Pin", crossing the lake by the ferry at L'Emouché.
    Information : Eguzon tourist office, Tel.: 02 54 47 43 69

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