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Cross biking in Creuse





En plein effort !Vtt dans la Vallée de la Creuse

 In La Celle Dunoise, you will find a "Sport and Nature" base located in the heart of the village at a very pretty site overhanging the river. This base is home to two associations which propose to help you enjoy your favorite activities : mountain biking and canoeing- kayaking.
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Carte des circuits vtt à La Celle Dunoise


    The association "Les randonneurs Vtt de la vallée"  has set up a 39 kilometer permanent tour including three very well maintained loops which are marked along their whole route which is within the commune of La Celle Dunoise.
    This association is affiliated to the relevant French Federation (F.F.C), a serious sign both for those who are looking for excellent conditions to practice their regular activity and those who see it as a sport.
    Neither group will be disappointed: beauty of the landscapes, diversity of the natural surroundings, succession of easy and steeper routes, brooks and river crossings , and as a bonus...the freedom! (the Creuse still remains, unlike many other areas, an "unprivatized" space where it is still good to improvise...)

    We have chosen here to show you the longest loop of approximately 15 kilometers, because it covers pedestrian hiking paths which we show on the corresponding page and the description of which will give you a good idea of its interest.
    In addition, this loop is directly accessible from L'Ecole Buissonniere.

    For those who wish to find all the hardware on the spot (in addition to the advice and suggestions!), it is possible to rent mountain bikes from the association :

    Information, Tel.: 05 55 89 23 50 and 05 55 89 00 40


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